Santa Clarita, CA

Facebook / Natural Language Crawlers

Collection of (3) social web crawlers (Facebook, twitter, Google+), REST interface, natural language processing sentiment analysis, MongoDB database, and a HTML5/JavaScript front end with charting and graphing capabilities. Worked in a 4-member team utilizing agile project management.

GO Source code available

Crawler Video 1
Crawler Video 2

Second-Best Matrix Chain Multiplication Calculator

O(N^5) optimum and second-best matrix chain calculator. Based on a simple optimum matrix chain multiplication program expanded to calculate worst-case, second-best, and second worst-case values and parenthesizations.

The program works by first using 3 nested for loops to calculate the optimal parenthesization. To calculate second-best instead of best-case, the program requires 2 more nested for loops and calculates all the possible cases where a single suboptimal decision is made, the second best instead of the best option.

Java source code available

Image Processing Tool

This Image Cleanup Tool written in Visual Studio 2010 and OpenCV version allows a user to load an image, selectively apply 8 different OpenCV filters (5 built-in filters, 3 custom) to the image in varying degrees in real time.

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Image processing is applied on the main image every single time a slider bar is moved, not on a preview of the image. For this reason the application works best on small files. Moving a slider bar is reversible until a different bar is moved. Pressing escape or closing the program will automatically save the output as [filename]_.jpg in the same folder as the original.

C++ Source code available

Parallel H.264 Video Encoding


Sleeping Barber Simulator

Written in C with simultaneous processes, random delays, and semaphores implemented via pipes.

Source code removed to be used as a computer science class project.

UI Comparison

Powerpoint & Video

Starflight: The Lost Colony

Starflight - The Lost Colony is a sci-fi adventure game for a single player with space exploration, character development, alien races to encounter, and an engrossing storyline that unfolds as the player gradually explores the galaxy.

Source code Project Page

This project was developed over a period of several years in C++ with Allegro 4.2 and Lua. It was intended to be released as freeware from the beginning (with approval from original Starflight creator, Rod McConnell). Between 2007-2014 I contributed to the open source design, created an NPC communication system with tree-based dialogue, dozens of quests, worked with issue tracking, feature refinements, bug testing, and community interaction. Also managed the issuing of new releases between 2011-2014.

Collision Avoidance FSM

Implemented in Visual Studio 2010 / Microsoft's XNA Game Studio 4.

Avoidance Demo 1
Avoidance Demo 2
Flocking Demo

Further details and source code available